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Marina is right next to you!

West Istanbul Marina just in front of the seaside town of DenizIstanbul; adds value to Denizİstanbul with its 550-yatch capacity, cafe and restaurants. It is the time for awakening in your sailing and sea interests!

In the seaview sports and life club, the positive energy of being right next to the sea will help you get refreshed.

Here, you can participate in many team games like football, tennis, basketball and volleyball and benefit from the services such as indoor and outdoor swimming pool, fitness room, plates, Turkish bath, sauna and squash.

A fully equipped hospital of 300 bed capacity is right next to you to meet all your health needs.

It's nice to have a meal against sea... You may have a pleasant time with your friends enjoying the most tasty dishes of Turkish and world cuisins at cafes and restaurants along beaches.

Shop fans will love this shopping center. All those domestic and foreign brands you know and love will always be next to you.

For pumpering yourself occasionally orhosting your friends, our 5-star hotel is at your service throughout the year.

Imagine, a beach in front of your home in Istanbul, and you'll be able to go swimming any time you wish. Which project has such a priviledge?

A shuttle service is avaiblable in DenizIstanbul to meet all your needs. Shuttle service going certain points in or out of town will make your life easier.

Not only the residents of Denizİstanbul, but all the people around will be making use of the mosque.

In Denizistanbul, your children will be able to have a quality education at educational institutes of European standards at only 5 minutes away.

It is time to meet the sea

In DenizIstanbul, you will have instant access to almost all water sports.

Horse riding is the ideal sport in particular for your children getting the love of animals. The times you could spare on manage with your family will be one of the most memorable recollections.

Life in
Listen to he living

The Yılmaz Family has already started enjoying Denizİstanbul with Kalyon Houses of which sales have been completed recently. We were their first guests at their new home.
Why Denizİstanbul?

“Everything is within our reach. One uses up all of his time commuting between home and work and also with kids. We came to Denizİstanbul to offer a high life quality to our children and bring them up as good persons. Efe (5) walks to home from the school. This is a great luxury for us.”

S. Yılmaz
A person living in Istanbul spends 45 minutes on average in the traffic. That comes down to 0 with Denizİsanbul.
How did you decide to move to DenizIstanbul?

“The first thing that welcomes you is the scent of the sea upon arrival at “Denizİstanbul’. The breeze passing through your hair, songs of birds and the nature make you feel like you are on at a weekend getaway, far from Istanbul.”

S. Yılmaz
Green area per person in Istanbul is 3sqm while the same ratio is 17sqm at Denizİstanbul.


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A marvelous life with a marina and a pleasant sea...


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