Mercan Mansions

Kelesoglu Holding's low-rise apartment concept is located in DenizIstanbul...

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Mercan Mansions

We have received the praise of the persons who preferred the mansion concept we started in Ataköy years ago with their life quality and return on investment. Today, you will make investment in yourself and your future with the redefined apartment life style with horizontal settlement model in DENİZİSTANBUL.

We redefine the low-rise apartment houses with Mercan Mansions designed with family style mansion concept having sea view.

Family style life from 1+1 to 4+1 waits for you in low-rise Mercan Mansions with 2 apartments on every floor...

You will be a part of exclusive life in the mansion culture where the luxury, comfort and functionality are crowned with a deluxe entrance...

Visual richness you will experience in the balconies with unique sea view will colour up your life in Mercan Mansions.

You will have the privilege of detached garden inside the mansion with "Terrace Garden and Balcony Garden" options in Mercan Mansions...

You will enjoy the daylight to the full, and feel the nature at every corner of your house with french windows and balconies in Mercan Mansions.

Block 78
Land Area 122.000 m2
Architecture of Mercan Mansions Kraft Architecture
Hakan Bağcı & Nazlı Kınastepe

KRAFT ARCHITECTURE was founded by Nazlı Tınastepe and Hakan Bağcı in 2008, and it offers architectural project service (concept, license, application, coordination) for the large-scale projects such as shopping mall, housing estates, conference hall, office, transportation centers, stadium, hotels and high-rise buildings.

The aim of KRAFT ARCHITECTURE is to unite the traditional user habits with the modern architecture and to create functional, impressive places, and it creates functional, economic and fast solutions in this process. They feature the green and ecology in their designs and aim for the modern indoor and outdoor spaces integrated with nature.

Design and Architecture

Istanbul’s most prestigious sports and wellness club for Istanbul’s only coastal town…

  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Sauna
  • Turkish Bath
  • Vitamin Bar
  • Tennis Court
  • Table Tennis
  • Cinema Room
  • PlayStation Room
  • Squash

and so on will be at service of only Denizİstanbul residents.

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