The definition of "Ideal Villa" comes to life with Marina Houses...

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Marina Houses

Deniz Istanbul is in a very special location where the sea meets the green.

Deniz İstanbul offers a piece from heaven with the natural features of its location, its architectural structure with aforethought details, planning that was carried out with a modern perception of urbanization, and two years of post-sale Keleşoğlu service warranty in Yakuplu, the new center of attraction, making it possible to savor the sea for 12 months.

With 5 different types of villas, a special concept which enables you to see the sea as far as you might, and offers you a life far beyond your expectations. Architecturally, the concept adapts the eligibility of the classical style to modern life thanks to its double deck tall columns, frontal jamb design, stone paving and alla turca roof tiles. You will experience peace and comfort in the exclusive world of Marina Houses, which are distinguished from the other villas by their special features.

You will witness the talks of the boats and the seagulls, right from your own balcony, terrace or window. It will never feel like you had enough of the sea sparkle view, and you will end up in the marina whenever you take a walk.

The scent of the sea calls upon you in the summer…You will embrace the sea as you swim through the pure blue waves with the joy of vacation. In the winter, the sound will become a melody in your ears as you will savor a peaceful life.

Yazın denizin kokusu çağırır sizi... Tatil keyfiyle tertemiz sularında kulaçlarınızı maviye sallarken doyasıya kucaklaşırsınız. Kışın ise sesi kulaklarınızda melodi olur, huzurlu bir hayatın tadına varırsınız.

Whether you swim or pull the oars, or race with the wind on your jet-ski, the sea will serve for you in Marina Houses. You will savour the sea to your heart’s content.

Villa 87
Land Area 64.500 m²
Master Plan
Marina Houses
Master Plan
Marina Houses Architecture
Kraft Architecture
Hakan Bağcı & Nazlı Kınastepe

KRAFT ARCHITECTURE was founded by Nazlı Tınastepe and Hakan Bağcı in 2008, and it offers architectural project service (concept, license, application, coordination) for the large-scale projects such as shopping mall, housing estates, conference hall, office, transportation centers, stadium, hotels and high-rise buildings.

The aim of KRAFT ARCHITECTURE is to unite the traditional user habits with the modern architecture and to create functional, impressive places, and it creates functional, economic and fast solutions in this process. They feature the green and ecology in their designs and aim for the modern indoor and outdoor spaces integrated with nature.

Design and Architecture

Istanbul’s most prestigious sports and wellness club for Istanbul’s only coastal town…

  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Sauna
  • Turkish Bath
  • Vitamin Bar
  • Tennis Court
  • Table Tennis
  • Cinema Room
  • PlayStation Room
  • Squash

and so on will be at service of only Denizİstanbul residents.

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