Investment Value
6 reasons to invest in DenizIstanbul

The one and only, unparalleled land along Istanbul coastline axis

Denizİstanbul taking advantage of its 1,5km coast within the 55km coastline stretching from Silivri to Tuzla is being materialized on a 1500 decare land as the first ever coast town of Istanbul.


79% green area on average

Denizİstanbul enjoying a zoning status of 0,7 (KAKS- floor area ratio) over a large-scale land that is as big as 1500 decare offers 5000 independent units in an atmosphere rich in greenery.


One of 3 marinas situated in European Side of Istanbul lies before Denizİstanbul

West Istanbul Marina housing 900 yachts, equipped with the rack system for the first time ever in Turkey, situated before Denizistanbul, is located just a few steps away from residents of the town with its cafes and restaurants that are already operational.


Everything and more a city needs

Denizİstanbul that has already made its name heard in the real estate sector thanks to its unrivaled concept offers a full city life owing to housing areas with a sea view on a seafront 1.500 decare land, the school (nursery, primary school and high school), avenue stores, a hospital with 250 beds, a 5-star hotel, a Mall with 180 shops and cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea. Denizİstanbul Sports and Life Club (fitness, outdoor-indoor swimming pool, squash, tennis, Turkish bath, sauna, spa, walking and cycling tracks, horseback-riding, open air cinema and cafeteria) is only a few steps away from residents of the town with all its amenities


Family concept

8% of houses within Denizİstanbul coastal town have been planned as 1+1, 15% as 2+1, 60% as 3+1, 12% as 4+1 and 5% as 5+1. Families constitute the majority of the town residents.


Development with the experience of Keleşoğlu Holding

Keleşoğlu Holding which has delivered, since 1979 to date, 34 high quality projects with 22 different domestic and international architects over a 2,510,000sqm construction land has helped its investors have a gain by 69% on average from the date of launch up to the date of delivery with its most recent 10 projects, trying to achieve its motto of “helping investors earn”. Keleşoğlu Holding expects to help its investors have a similar gain with the project Denizİstanbul, too.


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